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Type O Negative Quotes

Itís somewhat of a boring story. You just stayed in the neighborhood, neighborhood kids got together. Brooklyn. Like anyone else that gets together. Itís like 2 friends get two friends, the neighborhood thing, everyoneís known each other for six or seven years. You all get together and do a neighborhood thing. Then all of sudden you wonder why you signed a record deal.
Josh Silver

Anything can happen, I donít like what the year 2000 is doing to music Iíll tell you that. If I am unfortunately forced to listen to radio, you barely can tell the bands apart. I mean half of them sound exactly the same. I donít think this is a great period for music.
Josh Silver

Well the press isn't here to do me any favours it's here to sell magazines and one thing that really upsets me is biased journalism. I think it should be very factual, I don't like the journalists opinions in between, I think I should just be quoted verbatim because what happens is, I don't get a chance to respond to the journalists opinion, so they write the last word which irritates me because then if they say something negative, I don't have a chance to defend myself so it's kinda frustrating
Pete Steele

I've had guns pointed at me in altercations between myself and other males, there's a lot of different types of people in Brooklyn, I've only ever had trouble with my own kind, when I was younger there was this thing between the short hairs and the rockers, I think everyone feels like a big man when they have a gun in their hand and maybe that's the only way or time some of these guys felt that
Josh Silver

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