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Well in a way it never took over the world. I mean a lot of pop music nowadays has dance music production, whether that’s R’n B or kind of disco stuff. But I heard on the radio yesterday that a million guitars were sold last year, ten years ago everyone was going “turntables have overtaken guitar sales” but it’s completely turned around the other way now. And it’s gone back to rock’n roll. The record companies are more interested in signing rock ‘n roll bands but having said that you’ve witnessed this festival, and it started off from what I can gather as a dance orientated kind of festival and I’m booked up until next year ( laughs) so there’s a very healthy scene. It’s just that superclub thing died a little bit of a death, which is kind of good because that wasn’t really about the music, that was about a sort of easily purchased lifestyle, and the music was kind of secondary but we’ve got away from that and it’s gone a little bit more underground and it’s all about smaller clubs and local DJs creating their own scene you know.
Andrew Weatherall

It’s a good thing and a bad thing, music technology, the ability to make music and listen to it can be a good thing but it’s like any technology in human hands, we’re like chimpanzees with a new toy, you know what I mean and basically at the moment, how I see it with ipods and downloading everybody’s walking around with a big box of chocolates in front of them and all they’re doing is they’re taking the chocolate out, taking a little nibble and then going “oh I dunno about that one” and putting it back in the box. They’re not really digesting and they’re not really taking their time. You know you get these magazines and it says download track one, six and four and it’s taking any kind of development out of the music. It’s a great thing that all this music is available but human beings are greedy creatures and we’re currently in an age which is kind of like the tyranny of choice.
Andrew Weatherall

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