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Twelfth Night Quotes

Brian, Clive, Rick (the original keyboard player) and Geoff and I all met at University. Brian and I first got together, entered and won a band competition. Clive soon joined on bass and then Rick on keyboards. Geoff was studying Fine Art and began painting backdrops for our live performances. When we started auditioning for a vocalist he recorded a guide version of Sequences for people to audition with. Eventually, after many auditions we realized that it was Geoff who we wanted so we persuaded him to join and debut... at the Reading Festival in 1981! Geoff left to pursue his religious studies and to write and perform more explicitly Christian music.
Andy Revell 

I don’t think we were ever as easily categorized or packaged as Marillion. We did not really feel that we fitted the Progressive Rock tag and we always wanted to mix different influences up and try to come up very different sounding material. Lyrically we were also quite ‘political’. I think this determination to not fit into a box made us more of a challenge to market. 
Andy Revell 

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