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I always tell people that when they want inspirational words and I say just think that itís not that bad. Itís never that bad because someone is always worse off than you.

Because music is about emotion. And I think the best songs are about your life experiences. I donít mind at all. I didnít know that I was going to help so many people with my story.

You know how three years ago I was going through a relationship and things like that and just embracing the change and embracing the hurt and all of that. That helped me to write all of these songs that I wrote for this album.

I think we need artists that can define the real meaning of sexy. You donít have to be half-naked or anything like that. I embrace it because I think I portray a sexy, a positive meaning of sexy.

The difference for me is beautiful to me is from the inside out. I think that thatís what Iím saying. In this business I donít think we have a lot of women that are my complexion that are really portrayed in the right way. I feel like beautiful is the right word and it comes from the inside out.

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