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There's six people in the group, so it's a very hard environment to control. It's like when you leave a tour bus people just fan out and disappear and make their own little small decisions during the day, but nobody really tells anyone. It's just @#$%& chaos from one end to another!
Pal Pot Pomparius

If we go somewhere it has to be Hamburg. The home of homos. It's a good city! Have you been there....It's really seedy. It has the biggest red light district in the whole world! It's a city made out of prostitutes! We can make some extra cash!
Pal Pot Pomparius

Part of the difference is in the change of line up. Obviously Euroboy came in and plays on "Apocalypse" and then there's Chris Summers who took over on drums.

It's important to remember that state of the art Punk Rock these days stays underground. It's genuine low-fi all recorded live. We totally go against that. It's really well produced and a thoroughly made album. It means we might lose the hipsters but the music is still really good and it's an album that's going to last for years and years.

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