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Having this career has led to so many great experiences. I’ve been lucky.
“All my friends from high school are kidding me about ‘Trisha Yearwood Parkway.’ I don’t know if I have to pick up trash on that stretch of highway or what. My best friend has already taunted me with ‘I guess the next thing they’re going to do is put bronze markers up on all your old make-out spots.’ Seriously, though, I was proud that Monticello wanted to do that for me. The town has been nothing but supportive since Day One. And my parents still live there.?
“As for me, I think I have a maturity in my voice that wasn’t there when I began. I don’t have that sense anymore that every note has to be perfect. Every time I make a new record it’s a little more enjoyable, because I’m not so concerned with the polish. What I loved about Tammy Wynette’s records and Linda Ronstadt’s records was that you could hear the ‘cracks’ in their voices and you could hear them breathing. I like that human element to be in there. That ‘realness’ is what I went after on Inside Out.?
“I’ve shot so many videos, but that experience was really beautiful. The people in that Spanish town were incredible. There were so many things about making this new music that I loved. Singing with Don Henley again was such a joy. Vince Gill was amazing, as usual. I could work with Kim Richey every day of my life and be happy about it. And singing with Rosanne Cash was a thrill. I don’t know if I’ve ever met a nicer person. We hit it off so well that I’m going to go sing on her next project.?
"Songs are like movies to me, and so you put yourself in the movie. You become a character in the movie. The new ones are exciting because they're fresh. But if it's not that, if the story is not what you get into, maybe it's the crowd response. You hit the first chords of 'She's In Love With The Boy' and 20,000 people start to scream, you're pretty motivated. You get what you need. And it's a great story. It works."
"I always want to sing, but I don't always want to be trying to have No. 1 records. I don't think you can do it forever. I don't know what the time span of that is going to be. I want to sing because I want to sing."
"I have never been this busy in my life. Never. Ever. I’m just happy that this whirlwind is coming at a time in my life when I know how to handle it and how to enjoy it."
"I don't need to be 19 years old or starve myself for some weight or turn men's heads down that road. And thank God I finally know that."

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