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Trillville Quotes

We grew up together. Back in the day when me and LA was promoting parties, we just hooked up from there. We starting performing at our own parties. We would have 3,500 kids tearing the club up listening to Trillville.
Dirty Mouth (Jamal Glaze)

I listened to a lotta the pioneersÖa lotta Bun B, UGK, Eightball and MJG and Lil Jon, of course.
Lawrence Edwards

You Iím from Zone 3, but I stayed everywhere ĖPrior Street, University, Carver Homes. It was a rough life but we made the best of it.
Dirty Mouth (Jamal Glaze)

Trillville Records. I mean we never did have no money or nothing like that. We were just slanging our records out the trunk and we just called our company Trillville Entertainment. We actually went to a couple of different labels like Def Jam South, but that never happened so we just hooked up with BME.
Dirty Mouth (Jamal Glaze)

Well you know our music isnít for everybody, especially for somebody who isnít our age. If it offends somebody itís just music. Itís not meant to please everybody, but it certainly ainít meant to hurt anybody either.
Dirty Mouth (Jamal Glaze)

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