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Our songwriting process is not about everybody trying to conform to a hip-hop sound or a rock sound – some of my guitar players aren't even into hip hop, and that's fine. We like it like that. When we sit down to write a song, it's about that song and that particular vibe, not about an overall sound we're trying to achieve.
Dave Bowers

Well, we all have lived in Phoenix, Arizona for the last 10 or 12 years, and a lot of us had our own bands going on, and we all kind of knew each other in a roundabout way.... It just so happened that a couple of years ago we came together. It wasn't for anything serious. We weren't trying to search a record deal out.
Dave Bowers

But for the people that just know that as our single and maybe haven't had a chance to listen to the record, we represent a little bit harder. The live shows are definitely more rock, they're very energetic.
Dave Bowers

One day Dave was watching Boogie Nights at home and he came up with a porn name for a girl, which was Trik Turner. He thought it was a cool name and it stuck, but it started out as a joke. Bling Bling Management is also sort of a joke. Brad and Randy, our managers, deal mainly in hip-hop. They do concert promotions for artists like Jay-Z, Ja Rule, Snoop, Dre…so it’s like two white dudes that totally hang with the brothas. It’s like, “Bling, Bling. We are Bling Bling Management.”
Steve Faulkner

I don’t think we are reinventing the wheel, but I think the lyrics are a big part of what sets us apart.
Steve Faulkner

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