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“[Then the earth began shaking at Warner Bros.] We just had a wonderful team there, ... But it's just the way of the world. We live in corporate America, and Warner Bros. is a huge corporation. So there was this big regime change. Slowly, we started to see the people that we knew ... start to disappear. They had left of their own accord or had been let go. Then we heard that [label chief] Jim Ed Norman was on his way out. ... It was one of those things where we were not their 'baby' anymore.”

“Absolutely! In fact, that's the one subject we fight about. It's the one time that we really get genuinely pissed off at each other. I think it gets a little bit easier as time goes on now because we pick and choose our battles. If one of us is so absolutely, totally, head-over-heels loves a song -- just believes in it wholeheartedly -- the other two will give it a try. And that's all you can ask for.”

“Now, looking at the album, the finished product, it's been a tough row to hoe to get to the end of this, but all of those things we've gone through has made this album better.”

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