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Petersburg, growing up at home, all by my family and friends, Petersburg really, city-raised me, you know everybody there.

When I was about 15. I was just singing around, and people kept telling me I needed to try it. A friend got me to sing in front of Troy Taylor, and he took to me right there.

I guess itís because Iím humble. Iím a regular dude. It donít take nothing for nobody to holla at me. I ainít on no trippin or nothing. Iím just happy to be here.

I think people just feel me. Whenever they listen to the music, itís just coming out. I think you can hear what I put into it. A lot of it is God. You can use stuff to where you want it. Like I pray to God, and I asked for direction early on, and he gave me so much. Itís like rappers and soul singers is taking to me. Thatís both sides of me.

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