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The name (Trapt) basically came about because we grew up in like a suburban town, parents are all rich and it's a small enough town that everyone knows each other. All the parents are really into getting into their kids lives through sports, school and everything. So, everyone kind of has their lives planned
out for them. Ya know they are kind of like go to school, there's no
question you are going to go to college, get a degree and become something.
Peter Charell

Well, yeah. I think it's a good change in the medium. I think Warner Brothers is a forward thinking label and I think that they understand that there's going to be someone who takes advantage of the internet as a new, powerful tool to spread music and information. It's really great that they have been promoting us that way through the website and Trapt player. How can some kid in Helsinki or whatever hear about a band through the radio, he doesn't hear KROQ, he gets his information from his computer. It's amazing that we have been able to be able to get the response that we have through that and we are fortunate that our label
is behind us in that aspect.
Simon Ormandy

We are pretty diverse in our influences in our band, that might be why the list is so long. I'm a huge fan and have been influenced by bands like Tool, Korn, Rage Against the Machine, I've got to drop some old names too, I gotta say Hendrix and Zepplin. Those are my biggest influences as far as I'm concerned.
Simon Ormandy

I'd like to be known as the band that rocks the hardest. That is the best thing to do. Everybody has their own opinion, either you sound like this or you sound like that because people are different that's just how it is. I very seldom got the same bands that we sound like, I've gotten everything from the Cure to Korn.
Simon Ormandy

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