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I grew up playing a lot of pool. I always enjoyed playing for a bit of money. And golf’s probably the most conducive sport for that.
Paul Langlois

"The chance of us breaking the States is probably decreasing. I think we would be shocked if it happened, we've never really expected to do that. The promotional machinery is different, there is so much too cover, and maybe we haven't done it, but I think Henhouse is also probably the least radio friendly album we've done. Radio play and promotion aren't the most important things for us; making good records that we want to make and playing live are the most important and if we did break that market, I think we would have a sense that it would be a strain on our personal lives. It's nice to be able to spend some time at home."
Paul Langlois

"The goals of the band have pretty much stayed the same: we've always wanted a long, healthy career as a band, and I guess that's always on the back of our minds and, honestly, we also wanted our own place. Our own studio, somewhere we could leave our gear and jam and record some stuff when we wanted and we have that now. That was always one of our goals. Recording down in New Orleans was one of our favourite places, but it's definitely nice to have our own place. We'd also like to play in some different parts of the world, we would like to play India and maybe different parts of Asia, but again, I don't think we'll go at the expense of our personal lives."
Paul Langlois

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