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A lot of times when we are on the road we're doing mixtapes and we're doing records or whatever… and now that I'm independent I can get on other people's stuff without having to ask nobody.

When you do business with Afeni you basically sign your rights over. She pays you right there, you'll never see any else from the song. So
(on working with the heir of the Tupac franchise)

It could have done a lot better if I had a better distributor, I think. They didn't put enough for the record out in the States. Otherwise it's a formula that you just have to keep hittin back until you jump into it like in the US. My fan base is not just concentrated in one place. It's like all over the place.

I started on one plane, but it's going all over the place. It's really musical. That's why I'm really anxious about how to wrap all the songs in together. I did so many for it. You know I've been working on it for a long time. Over here I spread my wings a little bit more than I can at home as far as the music that I do.

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