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Yeah. I was with a group called the Nappy Headz. We had a song called "Robbery" it was like a redo of Khia's "My Neck, My Back." We got pretty famous for it. It was in the Billboard, overseas, shit was getting played in London and shit. It was crazy.

I mean, not even that. As far as the rapping, the rapping was just something that I started doing cause I thought it was cool. I just went ahead and did that cause everybody was doing it. But it was cool though. It's just the R&B shit was easier. Way easier.

Uh.. Cee-Lo .. Andre 3000 .. and Devin the Dude. They shit was just feeling good. I just wanted to do something like them. It just made me want to do the switch, man. (Speaking on influences)

I mean.. it ain't no Ciara (laughs).. it's some having fun with my niggas dancing. You know what I'm sayin. If you saw me and my niggas in the club, you gonna be like them niggas there is trippin.

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