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Tony Kanal Quotes

"This is the first time we're going around the country headlining and we wanted to come up with a set design that was really giving something back to the fans,"

"I'm going to buy a bike so me and my girlfriend can go riding around the beach,"

"Gwen (Stefani, lead singer and weapon) worshipped Madness in high school. She was full on nutty girl,"

"But for a long time it didn't work in our favour. While record companies were running around signing up everybody that could play a note in Orange County we were totally overlooked. Even the press overlooked us. It got frustrating. We'd be sitting there reading these articles about the Orange County scene and there'd be all these bands and no No Doubt. No matter how well we were doing, how big the vibe was on us, how many shows we played, we were just overlooked.

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