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Tony Borowiak Quotes

It took a year to do the record, for one, and before that we took a little bit of time for ourselves. Jamie's been doing a lot of writing, Delious got a country group together and got them signed. We've all just been hanging out with our families as much as we can.

You never know if you're ever going to have a hit like that, and you don't let it bother you. You just try to do the best thing you can do. There are artists who just dream that they could have an "I Swear," and it just happened that it came in the beginning of our career. Of course, you always want to try and get another one. But you never let it become pressure.

New Edition did a song on ALL FOR LOVE called "With You All the Way," and that was a special song for me and my girlfriend at the time.

This time we wanted to make sure we really improved on the up-tempo songs. We really tried to bring them to the same level as the ballads.

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