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Well, sometimes, yes. For example, going back over the years, the song “Tick of The Tail” I had written about five or six years before (it surfaced in 1976). I just felt that at the time when we did that record… Particularly, at the time, because we had lost Peter’s (Gabriel) input on that album, and he had been quite good at these little quirky songs like “Harold The Barrel” and stuff, I just felt that the song “Trick of The Tail” could fill that role slightly. So, I kind of brought it out of the moth balls, and we did it, and it worked pretty well. 
Tony Banks

You never quite know whether you have done your last thing or not and it just felt like a natural thing to do. Many years ago I did a film score for The Wicked Lady and I have always loved classical music and the sound of an orchestra. In The Wicked Lady I was very much one stage removed because the arranger was so important to it but it was very much my music and I thought the main theme sounded good so I always wanted to return to it. 
Tony Banks

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