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Well, I moved from Los Angeles about two years ago to Nashville. It was a real good move for me, I needed to get out of LA for a while and kind of get focused on song writing again. As far as how it affects the band, it's been
pretty good, the guys fly down when it's their turn, it's kind of like having custody with a child. They fly down sometimes, and a lot of this last record wrote in Nashville in my basement and then we did the demos pretty much in Los Angeles on their turf. It kind of worked out real well; it's not been that big of a deal.
Emerson Hart

The last record we recorded ourselves. We produced it ourselves. Bob was one producer on a very short list of producers whose records we really liked. His great reputation and experience in the studio kind of allowed him to be more in control, keep everything focused, keep us focused and enabled us to make an album very quickly basically, we were done in less than two months. It was pretty awesome;
Dan Lavery

We started out as a four piece and then our original drummer left the band for family and personal reasons. Since then, we decided that it's easier for us to run as a unit as three. For some reason, it's just kind of easier to make decisions.
Emerson Hart

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