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When I was growing up as a teenager that’s what there was. There was no so-called fusion or contemporary jazz at that time. I considered there to be a sort of “holy trinity” of jazz – Miles Davis, Cannonball Adderley and John Coltrane. I just bathed myself in their music during that incredibly musical period for them. It was that period from around 1958 through the early sixties when they did Kind of Blue, Milestones and some other fantastic records.
Tom Scott 

Fortunately I had a junior high school music teacher who himself was a woodwind player. In addition to that, he created ensembles for us to play in. By the time I was in the 10th grade I had played in a Swinging Shepherds kind of group consisting of flutes and rhythm section, a Dixieland band, and of course a conventional stage band. In addition to those ensembles there was all the other stuff that goes along with that like marching band, symphonic band, orchestra, orchestra with chorus. Looking back on it, I had a tremendous amount of experience before I even got to high school.
Tom Scott 

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