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Tom Robinson Quotes

When I left my first band, Café Society, and wanted to form something that really reflected my own concerns about the political situation in the country and indeed about the musical concerns of punk rock, which were basic and a lot more tough than Café Society could be, I wanted it to be real, heartfelt and sort of heart on the sleeve, really, I mean as you found it. I was profoundly influenced by the Kinks because I'd been signed to the Kinks' label and Ray Davies had signed Café Society and produced its first album. So there was always a strand of music hall running through the Tom Robinson Band, which sat ill at ease perhaps with the more rock and roll direction which the band took with the acquisition of the other members, and the general musical direction we took alongside Clash, Sex Pistols, Jam, Stranglers, Elvis Costello, Ian Drury, the other kind of artists who were emerging at that time.
Tom Robinson

I was quite reluctant in the first instance to come to use the word bisexual with regard to myself because I didn't feel any different inside from the way I had always felt. I always found men attractive. I still find men attractive. I figure out of, you know, every 200 men that pass on the street, I'm going to go, 100 of those are nice looking guys. Now, with every 200 women that pass on the street, maybe one is going to turn my head.
Tom Robinson

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