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To some extent, I mean I think some people might knock the fact that we sound like the Toasters but the greatest compliment anybody can make to you is when somebody hears a song and immediately knows that it is your band. To me hat is not a diss, itís a compliment. 
Robert "Bucket" Hingley

Itís a cyclical thing and Iíve always taken the view that ska music as a genre is really like a continuum and we all have our own parts to play in that and the progression of the music lies in being fans more than anything else. It is not only a really good thing for us and something that makes us really happy to be able to play music and make a living doing something we like but also to see young band coming forward at the bottom of the ladder and being able to play with bands like some of the guys that have been doing it way back when and two tone bands like the Specials is just great to be a part of that.
Robert "Bucket" Hingley

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