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“I would dearly love to hook-up with Mel C again. We've spoken about it and she's really keen on the idea too. The Spice Girls were massive in America, but it would be nice for Mel to have a hit of her own there. Maybe this will be the one.”

“By tapping into the sounds of each decade and creating unique ways to tell these stories, we're confirming our commitment to being the destination for adults who are passionate about music.”

“[DMC and Lisa] Left Eye ... The VH-1 Rock Docs.”

Well, that Diana Ross line is not meant to be negative. The important thing is that I'm bigger than being a member of TLC. I am my own entity.

My grandmother brainwashed me against my mother. So after living with my grandmother for a while, I became sassy [with my mother). I was 11 years old at the time and that's when I started to experience the negative things in life. Before then I was an angel. I was at the head of my class, and I was so well-mannered.

My case wasn't that severe. I'd been drinking a lot, so I spent three days in detox where they monitored me. After that I went to AA classes where you have to say, "Hi, my name is Lisa, and I am an alcoholic." I always refused to say that part.

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