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You didn't hear the first single to I'm Serious with me and Beenie Man produced by the Neptunes? You need to get that first album. Neptunes on there, I got two tracks by the Neptunes, some Jazze Pha, some DJ Turk, PA. It's just a hot album. Definitely a classic album for a debut artist coming fresh off the streets, fresh out the trap, record an album.. especially for somebody that wrote their own music.

Too Short, NWA, LL, a lot of Bob Marley too, when they was smoking that shit.. (laughs).smoking that ganja. But let's see.. BDP, 2 Live Crew. When I was rapping it wasn't like I was they lil nephew, it was more like I was one of their patnas. They would be like, "Hey, listen to what Tip just said. Do it again, do it again."

Well my name is Tip. Anybody that knows me from the streets or knows me personally calls me Tip. My momma calls me Tip, my grandmomma calls me Tip, everybody. When I rap I say T.I.P. because when I say Tip, because of my accent, people used to think I was saying Chip, Chuck, you know.. so I spell it out T.I.P.

At the time when I was working on my album there weren't a lot of people coming out of the South putting they all into they're music. People were really trying to live off of the South, off of being from the South, off of being from Atlanta. You know just because it was hot at the time.

I'm the Rubber Band Man. It's basically about being back in the Trap, like when we start our day, we might have two, three, rubber bands on our wrist. According to how much dope we had to sell. By the end of the day, if we sold all our dope we don't have any more rubber bands around our wrists cause they wrapped around money. So the Rubber Band Man is just my little way of holding on to that lifestyle just a little bit. I ain't selling no more dope, but I'm still wrapping rubber bands around money.

I grew up around Dope Boys, man. My uncles were like 22 - 23 years old when I was 8. My Pops was in NY, he was up here. So I used to be with them all the time and seeing them and how they kick it and what they listen to and what they likeā€¦

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