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I only saw the Stones once. But, I was really influenced by the British Blues movement and still am. Probably my favorite was Peter Green while he was with Fleetwood Mac. He had a great style and was so tasteful. Iím just a fan of anybody that bends a guitar string in a bluesy kind of way. Albert King was the string bendingest and so, all of his disciples, Iím into. Iím just a fan. I started out as a fan, and I remain a fan. I go to all the shows that I can. I was lucky enough to see B.B. King back before he was a household word. I saw Howliní Wolf, Muddy Waters, Albert Collins. A lot of the greats.
Tinsley Ellis

ďAll traveling bluesmen are hams. We get hooked on the applause and the attention and the interviews and it gets in your blood. It becomes a part of what you do. We donít play the kind of music that is on the rock radio stations. We donít play the kind of music that gets seen on Jay Leno, David Letterman, or MTV. So, itís real important that we take it to the people.Ē
Tinsley Ellis

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