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Sometimes, but I usually write off keyboard. Iíll either program in drum parts, or usually Accordions or stringed instruments or wacky Oboes, those kind of things, because I can tune in finer with them to the way I write. You get the best sounds out of instruments that are fucked, broken Saxophones and two stringed Violins!
John Lydon

I prefer the freeform of playing things, playing real instruments, even if they be toilet rolls, whatever, they are real things, and when youíre just putting it all through a computer itís not real, itís a substitute... Computers limit all that, they take a lot of the sound out, they have to Ďcos itís mathematical, and Iím sorry I donít live in a mathematical world (laughs), Iím not a load of zeros and ones! I like the bit in between, and there is a space between a zero and a one that a computer will not understand, and fuck off to quantising! I find the technology side of things too fucking limited I canít write and sing the way I feel to Ďblick-blick-blickí, itís just not possible...
John Lydon

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