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The Tiger Lillies Quotes

‘It sort of all came together at the same time. I visualised the whole show in my head as I wrote the music,’
‘Though to be honest, this show is nothing like the one I imagined. It’s utterly different, in fact. But the music is the same, we’ve got some good puppets and Ophelia Bitz is doing burlesque dancing. I’m sure it will be fine.’
Martyn Jacques

“I’ve been able to portray emotion and pathos and comedy and violence and all these different emotions through it and that was what was lacking before, I didn’t seem to be able to do it, playing guitar or playing piano and singing in a low voice. I think it’s mainly emotional power, a transparency in a way of expressing yourself and then being able to express all these different emotions.”
Martyn Jacques

“We’re a record company’s nightmare, we’re a marketing man’s worst dream,”
Martyn Jacques

“People come up to us in airports and say ‘Oh, you’re in a band’ and they say ‘What sort of music do you make?’ and the three of us sort of look at each other. ‘What should we say today?’ We usually say ’satanic folk,’ that usually scares them away. You can’t even put us in a category in a record shop.”
Martyn Jacques

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