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Tiffany Quotes

"It was a great idea. After the shows I'd talk with people. When I left, I felt as if we were friends. I also got to shop a lot, which is my favorite thing in the whole world."
Tiffany, quoted in Scholastic Update, March 11, 1988, about her mall tour

"When I was about two, they even started making Tiffany lamps and even Tiffany rugs. They even started making Tiffany jewelry. I guess it's just a name that got really popular."
Tiffany, quoted in Rolling Stone, April 21, 1988

"Do I look like a bimbo to you?... Can I put words together? Am I a wind-up doll? Am I stupid? So I come from Norwalk? OK, so it's not Beverly Hills, but it's not the slums, either. Does that make me a bimbo? Of course not. It's important that people don't see me as this stupid, shallow person."
Tiffany, quoted in The Los Angeles Times, April 9, 1989

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