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I played with a band in Canada for 12 years. We have 5 records and toured pretty much around the world. That's how I met Ian when he was playing in Big Wreck. We toured together.
Ken Tizzard

When things kinda came to the end of Big Wreck, Ian was writing. I have known Ian a long time, as has Sekou. Sekou was living in a studio space, but it was a recording space as well. Ian had a writing room there and I was hanging out with Ian (doing a lot of) writing and jamming. Ian wasn't sure where he was going with his new thing and I wasn't sure where I was going with my thing, Sekou was doing a lot of things and it just kinda happened. Ian kept writing and we all kept getting together. We tried different guitar players and over the course of the year and a half it kinda came to a head where there was finally a band and a record deal.
Ken Tizzard

It's a strange scene. Every little town seems to have a very active art scene in general: theatre, arts and music. And because these towns are so isolated and far apart you get real intense creations going on. But inevitably when you get to the point where you want to take it a further step you have to move to Toronto or Vancouver.
Ken Tizzard (on Canada scene)

You can make it in Canada and you can make it here, but if you can make it here first you can make it in Canada a lot easier.
Tavis Stanley

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