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I got the nickname right as I started with Inner Circle, just after I left high school, because of the fighting in Nigeria. I was skinny, and the Biafran War had pictures of starving children, and you know how Jamaicans tease and rib about things. It became a name because of the Ibos in Nigeria.
Michael "Ibo" Cooper

I grew up in a family of teachers, and many of the people I admire were teachers. This business of passing things on to others is something I have developed a passion for. Most of the time I am asked to come in because I am one of the few musicians who bridged the gap between formal training—that is, western European music—and the oral tradition in Jamaica. I have never held any preference for one side or the other. I have always recognized the power of the informal music that became reggae.
Michael "Ibo" Cooper

Dancehall is the party side of Jamaica. What I want the world to know is that people in Jamaica, the Caribbean and Africa want to have the best life and have a good time. We don’t want to colonize people. People say we are a good-time people and that all we do is dance. What’s wrong with that?
Michael "Ibo" Cooper

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