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Therion have been changing from the first album, long before we had success, so we already had a tradition of changing. When we had our big success, it was on our fifth album and if you listen to the five first records, you can see that there are big changes. So, for me it would have been completely wasted years if I had gone for nine years on my own way doing different things and then when I had the success, Iíd try to copy it!
Christopher Johnsson 

Iím very happy I sold records but Iím going to continue to do the music I want. Itís like filling a gap in the record store; there is a record missing there and nobody else is making it, so Iíll have to make it. Itís like "Operation Mindcrime" by Queensryche. They did one and they can never do it again. Now they did a sequel and tried hard to make it sound similar and although itís not a bad album and is probably better than most of the stuff they did in a very long time, but it could never create the same feeling again. Therefore, itís better to go another way.
Christopher Johnsson 

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