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Tegan And Sara Quotes

"When people get to know us they see that we’re very different,"
Tegan Quin

"We’re so polar from one another, I think sometimes that does make us very similar. I think we’re both very sensitive and both very introverted and shy, but we make up for it by being very extroverted when we get uncomfortable, which is pretty much all the time."
Tegan Quin

My dad used to open up photo albums and stuff and you'd have to tell a story about the picture but you couldn't tell the truth so you had to make up a story about whatever you were looking at. He really taught us how to lie.
Sara Quin

We've told stories at the beginning of this record that we've kind of gone back to but they've changed because they're always open to interpretation especially if its about our childhood or our relationship. It always changing as someone else will give us perspective, so we change it and mum will say "That never happened!" Well tell the stories more bigger because it's a lie now.
Tegan Quin

You learn over time. I think as you get older and you want to learn how not to push your families buttons, you learn how not to deal with them and stuff.
Tegan Quin

There is a certain amount of stress that you wouldn't have if you didn't have a sibling on the road, but at the same time, there's a certain amount of security in knowing that we can ignore each other or we can be annoyed at each other, but it doesn't mean that we're going to quit. I know I can show up at the club and she's not going to be AWOL.
Tegan Quin

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