[Shredder just showed up.]
Leonardo: Can anyone tell me who or what this is?
Michaelangelo: Don't know, but I guess it never has to look for a can opener.

[Repeated line.]
Raphael: Damn.

Michaelangelo: Wise man say: forgiveness is divine, but never pay full price for late pizza.

Raphael: A Jose Canseco bat? Tell me you didn't pay money for this.

Splinter: I just made a funny!

Chief Sterns: [shouting] Are you trying how do my job?

Casey Jones: Now that was crime, you purse grubbing pukes and this is umm... the penalty!

April: I'd like to invite you all in but I really don't have anything to offer you guys except for some pizza.
Michaelangelo: Let's go for it!

Leonardo: Listen, Raph, about what I said before. You know, about not needing you and all.
Raphael: Leo, don't.
[They hug]
Donatello: It's a Kodak moment.

The Shredder: You are here because the outside world rejects you. *This* is your family! *I* am your father!

Donatello: You're a claustrophobic.
Casey Jones: You want a fist in the mouth? I've never even looked at another guy!

April: And then there's Casey Jones, a nine-year-old trapped in a man's body. He might almost be cute if it weren't for that pigheadedness.

[Fighting Foot Soldiers]
Michaelangelo: Hey Donny, looks like this one is suffering from shell shock.
Donatello: Too derivative.
Michaelangelo: Well, I guess we can really shell it out.
Donatello: Too cliché.
Michaelangelo: Well, it was a shell of a good hit!
Donatello: I like it! Step up!

Passenger in Cab: What the heck was that?
Cab Driver: Looked like sort of a big turtle in a trench coat. You're going to La Guardia right?

Tatsu: Never lower your eyes to an enemy.

Michaelangelo: God, I love being a turtle!

Casey Jones: Lead the way, toots.
April: "Toots"?
Casey Jones: Babe? Sweetcakes? Ah, Princess? You wanna throw me a clue here? I'm drowning.

The Shredder: There is a new enemy. Freaks of nature who interfere with our business. Find them. Together we will punish these... creatures. These... turtles!

Casey Jones: Not even close, Zip Neck. Professor and Mary Ann. Happily ever after.
Donatello: No way, Atomic Mouth, Gilligan was her main man. They'd be married and have six kids by now.
Casey Jones: Gilligan was a geek, Barfarooni!
Donatello: You're the geek, Camel Breath!
Casey Jones: Dome head.
Donatello: Elf lips!
Casey Jones: Okay let's give this a try: Fongoid!
Donatello: Here goes. What are we on?
Casey Jones: G.
Donatello: Here goes, Gak face!
Casey Jones: I'm ready, hose brain!

Donatello: I guess they're not lumberjacks!
Michaelangelo: No joke! The only thing safe in the forest would be the trees!

Casey Jones: [About April's farmhouse] Didn't they use this place in The Grapes of Wrath?

April: Okay, those guys in the black pajamas, they jumped me, and... and that rat... I saw you in the parking lot... and you guys... I have no idea where you came from!
Splinter: If you will please just sit down...
April: It talks!
Splinter: It is really quite simple, Miss O'Neil.
April: And he knows my name... perfect! Why don't I ever dream of Harrison Ford?

Casey Jones: This is great. First it was the farm that time forgot and now this. Why don't I ever fall in with people who own condos? Probably hard to get good maid service in a sewer. Maybe you guys should try Roto Rooter, huh?

[Raphael has brought an unconscious April O'Neill into the sewer]
Donatello: Why?
Raphael: Why? Why, Oh I don't know, 'cause I wanted to redecorate. You know, 'couple of throw pillows, a TV news reporter, what do ya think?

[Foot Soldiers broke in through windows.]
Michaelangelo: Boy, and I thought insurance salesmen were pushy!

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