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Tech N9ne is worldwide, man, it's the biggest thing ever to me and if it happens to blow as big as I expect, I won't be able to go anywhere. That's what I'm prepared to do, because my goal is to get my music to the world.

I'm an everyday person, I like to party a lot, so you never know where I might pop up, but if I pop up, there might be 20 motherfuckers with me.

It was hard at first, ‘cause it's a money game. It's a popularity contest. If you're not the most popular, if you don't have the most money, you're not gonna get it. If you're not throwin' around 500,000 here, 500,000 there, you're not gonna have radio play like that.

My wife loves me but she don't like me. I'm still in the trenches every day. I'm still buildin' my name, and it's growin' rapidly, but not fast enough to where I can relax at home with my kids and my wife. I'm always on the road, 3 months at a time, 6 months at a time.

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