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"Right now, everything's all about the whole Southern movement, so me coming in from the Midwest is like a breath of fresh air. There's no other city in America like Detroit. It's just fly, and I love it. Our swagger, the way we dress-everything is so different and laid back, which is how I am. You walk up the street and everybody has a different colored mink, Cartier glasses-everything. We like to floss and be seen, so we don't have to say much.

I had input every bit of the way. I wanted it to be me all of the way. I co-wrote some of the songs.

Ever since I can remember I wanted to be a singer. I did the group thing for a minute, but it didnít work out.

It was shopped around. Took it to LA Reid and he liked it and signed me. I was twelve when I started out and sixteen when I signed. Iím seventeen now.

I talk about real everyday issues that people go through; however Iíll let other people be the judge.

I started with this local production company in Detroit, we put together a demo, LA Reid got it and he signed me.

In school, at a talent show. I was in the fifth grade. I sang No, No, No by Destiny's Child.

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