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I was on vacation actually and I had came off the plane and my agent called me and said that there was a script that I needed to read immediately and that they needed an answer by the next day because the they (the producers) wanted me to be in it. Automatically, and no auditions, which I was really shocked about, I read the script and I just loved the concept of it and I signed on immediately.
(about the movie "The Gospel")

I had done a few TV shows. I had done "Boston Public", "Tru Calling", "Half and Half", and "What I like About You".

Initially, yes. Before American Idol, I had an agent and I had done a few commercials but most of it was improve. It never required me to memorize lines or anything. I always think in my auditions. I've noticed that. I'll take an audition and then I'll never get it if I do the audition, but if someone says, "Ok, we'll give you the chance", and I don't know. Maybe I don't have the proper technique of mastering an audition. I still get really nervous; but when someone takes a chance on me, I tend to do better. It's pretty cool.

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