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Tamia Quotes

"Once I got over the crying, he told me that it is a disease that can be managed. I decided from that moment on, I wasn't going to lie down and take it,"

"One minute I'm jogging two miles a day and the next minute I can't even get out of bed,"

"Everything happened so fast that I was just concerned with being around for my daughter." Music was the last thing on her mind but she says now that the timing of the diagnosis was good. "Had the album come out, I wouldn't have been able to promote it anyway."

"When adversity strikes, that's when your real character comes out. Anybody can be cool when you're on top. He's been so offering, so incredible, and I'm a really lucky girl."

"I'm older. I sing about things that are relevant to me. I just wanted to stretch vocally and try different things as well."

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