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Tab Benoit Quotes

“You know that the entire moon mission, Project Apollo, cost $20 billion (adjusted for inflation it would be much more, of course) but we are spending $20 billion a week in Iraq on this ill-conceived war. More importantly, New Orleans is America’s biggest port and the wetlands are an environmental resource for the region. Never in the history of America has an administration neglected to make the funds available to restore a major port city.” 
Tab Benoit

“My family was in oil and I piloted planes for the oil companies. Today, we have the technology to switch from an oil to a hydrogen economy. But the government does not have the will or the extra money (it’s all going down the drain funding the Iraq war) to devote to it. The Bushes are in the oil business and it’s not in their best interest to seek alternatives to big oil.” 
Tab Benoit

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