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Suicidal Tendencies Quotes

I think it goes back to where we started. There's a lot of people that won't like it, and they won't like it for the wrong reasons, and the people who will like it will like it because they'll hear it and they'll go "Fuck", and compare it with what else is out there and they'll think it's better than what's out there. That's what we like to do and that's the number one reason why people used to like Suicidal -- because of the music, you know? And the reason why they didn't like it is because "Oh, that fuckin' singer's an asshole", "I don't like the way they look", "They're not this..." or "They don't follow the rules", or that kind of thing -- or they didn't hear the music. So we take it that way: the people that love us is because of the music and what we stand for and so I think that's far more important.
Mike Muir 

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