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No! When I go back home I sit and flick through all the music channels, one by one - I am obsessive - and then I do all the dance moves, it's great.

"...with the rest of my free time I like to look in the mirror and pull strange faces..."

I don't think I'm quite ready for kids yet!

It doesnít feel like a new band, weíre still the Sugababes but slightly different. Obviously we look different now Mutya has left and Amelle has joined us and I think itís a mixture of things, for example we canít wait to do an album with Amelle and people canít wait to hear Amelle singing

Probably musically Ė the Sugababes have always changed with each single Ė Hole In The Head, Freak Like Me, Round Round. Our sound is ever changing. As well as a fantastic voice, Amelle brings a lot of glamour to the band and makes us look more sophisticated! Itís going to be good.

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