Stephen Patrick David Gately Quotes

My family are great.My family love what I do.I come from a tough part of Dublin,so being from there,and ending up in a band like Boyzone has made my mum and dad really proud of me. My mum loves the whole business- she loves the fans,she loves everything like that.They're both really proud.

I can be very shy, espcially on my own. I'm not to bad with a small group or people .I'm not shy when I'm up on the stage either,but usually yes I am shy!

I'm a big softie.It's probably the way I've been raised.I don't like to see anyone hurt, or in danger, or upset.I mean, I cry if I'm watching a cartoon and someone is killed.

Being a part of Boyzone has helped me to grow up. I'm a lot wiser to people and it's helped me to develop a person.

I get upset about the littlest thing - I always want everything around me to be just fine,no problems.When I have no problems I am the happiest person in the world ,but when I have a problem, I feel the weight of the world on my shoulders and I can't concentrate on anything. I can't put a problem aside until somebody sorts me out !

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