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We are very melodic, and also diverse from where we take our influences, depending on the song. Certain songs sound one way and others sound another way. We like to change it so that all of our songs sound different. You can't just say, "Oh that one sounds like this one." And our sets are put together that way. We sit and argue about our setlists for at least 45 minutes before each show. (laughs). We want to take the listener through a story, and that's how we go about it. I would definitely say that we make emotional, melodic, and danceable music.
Amanda Tannen

When we started, our songs were a lot...well, take the song “Moongirl”: It was kind of about astral phenomenons and dream girls that were just never real. So the band name kind of came from that. It came from this being that was untouchable. We put the extra "r" at the end of the name because we wanted to put across the fact that it is a person, or a thing, not just a star. Not a "star" star.
Amanda Tannen

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