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I was so used to writing whatever I felt. It's an easy thing to do. You're pissed off, you write a pissed-off song. My last two records were very angry. It's easy to write negative. The majority of the people want to hear about love or sex. I have no experience in either one of these areas, and the experience I have is not that great.

I wanted to make a record with a twist. I wanted to prove that you could make a record that concentrated on song craft but that was still fun, something you could listen to and love and even dance to, but not hate yourself in the morning. I think I did that. Most of my lyrics come from my own personal journals that I have kept over the years.

I wanted to be a ballerina. I studied ballet for 19 years.

I collaborate on everything. I went into the studio thinking I needed to put my ego in my back pocket. And I think I wrote some great songs because I wasn't afraid to listen. When I was younger I thought I needed to know everything, but now I'm not afraid to admit my weaknesses. I totally went in open-minded, and beautiful things happened. I am not a quitter. Anytime someone says, "’No’, I work until they say 'yes'. Persistence and belief in yourself is key.

I get really antsy if I stay in one place too long. Universal was really supportive and understood that I needed to go across the Atlantic to reinvent myself and to find my voice, my muse.

I used the Internet to keep really close contact with my fans. I think that one thing I brought over the ocean with me was the connection with my fans. They went through the process with me. They're very supportive of me, but I was nervous about that. I didn't want to make it seem like I was abandoning them.

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