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Nick toured with Seether for about a year before he joined us. He was their touring drummer for a while, but we didnít know that when he auditioned. We just auditioned about thirty drummers, and he won the whole process. Then we found out that he had toured with Seether, so it was a bonus that he had been on tour before.
Wayne Static

We have a great chemistry. I think this is the strongest line-up weíve had. Everyone has a common goal and no one is mad or upset about anything and there is no drama and everyone is just working hard towards kicking ass every night. I think this is the way it is going to stay. I donít think we are going to have any more changes.
Wayne Static

We really write in the same style anyway, so it didnít really change the style of the record so much. But, it was beneficial because I had someone to bounce ideas off of. It was nice to have someone bring ideas into the situation, so it was not all on me to write all the guitar parts. I think the collaboration made for a better record and better songs.
Wayne Static

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