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I think melodies happen before the lyrics do. A lot of times the lyrics end up being a group effort. Allan will usually have the key words and a melody that things start working around and then everybody becomes a huge thesaurus and rhyming dictionary and starts throwing stuff out there. It becomes a mixture of a lot of peopleís ideas at that point. 
Andy Nunez

Iíve been pretty active over the last eight years, working in the bedroom and experimenting with arrangements and what not. Weíve been trying for a while. This is just the first thing that actually seemed to work out for us. Weíve kinda been saving ourselves, but at the same time we havenít really had as much opportunity as, say, some bands from some of the bigger city areas.
Allan Vest

Starlight Mints started probably about, say, three and a half years ago. I think most of the songs on this album were written probably three years ago. So itís relatively old for us, and we have two more albums worth of music already written. So weíre basically just beginning here, and sort of having to backtrack a little bitóbut looking forward at the same time. 
Allan Vest

ďIf you donít like the Pixies, Iím not sure that I can get along with you!Ē 
Allan Vest

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