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“Worship music moved us early on. We tried to do the rock thing but it didn’t pan out because it’s not what we’re called to. It’s not necessarily what we’re gifted at either,”
Tim Neufeld

We’re worshippers first, rockers second. Our mission is to connect with our Creator, together with other people. We do the other stuff but it’s not our drawing card. It’s not a successful concert if people are just entertained, if it’s not Christ-centered. It has become more and more of a priority to us to make sure it is Christ-centered. And to make sure that the two hours we have with people are rich with theology and passionate, intimate worship of God.”
Tim Neufeld

“It depends what church you go to, there are plenty of people talking about it. There is today the convenient Christianity and there is one more true to the teachings of the Bible. We feel like we’re here to be real before God, not to play the Christianity game. We want to be honest and faithful to what God’s calling us to.”
Tim Neufeld

I'm newly married so it's a really cool thing to have a wife to be able to get to know God with. It's brand new and in the last month it's been an amazing thing to believe God for things with her. Every night before we go to bed, we pray together and ask God to empower us to be people of grace, people that love people. We do a lot of reading too. We went through a book called 'Messy Spirituality'. We tried to draw from it - the heart, which is just living aware of grace.
Tim Neufeld

As a band, we feel that we're an extension of the church. As we have a bigger stage, it's just a bigger extension in some ways. We have a church at home that we're hooked up and has mentored us and supported us through all the different stages.
Tim Neufeld

We want to be entertaining.
Jon Neufeld

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