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Stabbing Westward Quotes

We're tired. We just flew in, and Chris is sick. But things are going well, and hopefully we'll be making a big announcement soon…
Jim Sellers

There have been so many changes…originally, we were set to go to go into the studio with Bob Rock, who is one of the biggest names there is. On the very day we were set to go into the studio, Columbia, our old label, basically decided to liquidate any of the bands that were under platinum status, and we fell under that.
Jim Sellers

"We have two lyricists and three songwriters in the band, and, between the three of us, we just seem to tap into something really kind of"
Christopher Hall

"We're just trying to deal, not only with the day-to-day problems going on within the band, but with the disintegration of our personal lives and personal relationships because of the band.'
Christopher Hall

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