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We come from hip-hop!!! Its just a freeform expression of music with attitude - thats what we do!!! Were influenced as hip-hoppers are by all types of music. We all have different musical taste's within the group and you'd be surprised what spooks are into musically.
Joe D

...of course hip-hop has always been around, just growing up and listening to it in your neighbourhood. I grew up on rock though and it wasn't until high school and Wu Tang that I was converted into hip-hop mania. After that my eyes were open.
Ming X

There is a lot under the surface that people just don't see. It really took a long time and it was a lot of hard work on everybody's part.
Ming X (on early success in England)

Originally Spooks was about 11 members and it got fizzled down to 6. Our music changed of course over the years. We had a lot of bad experiences and got burnt by a lot of people and you grow and learn from it.
Ming X

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