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Well we broke up because we werenít really getting along. Everybody is still the same. Weíre four distinctly different people and we definitely donít always get along. But fundamentally, we really care about each other. We broke up because we kind of hated each other. But if you look underneath the surface, it was like we just really cared about each other a lot. We didnít have the communication skills to work out simple conflictsÖwe had a lot going on. There are other bands who have huge hits that donít end up having screaming fights with each other, but we did. And I think a lot of it was because we simply didnít have the communication skills to work out little things. Little stuff would just build up and build up until we were just really mad at each other and we werenít really sure why. But now, everybodyís a little more grown up and a little more mature but we definitely have our moments of friction like any relationship.
Chris Barron

There was a time when I was zealously guarding my originality and striving to find my voice. Now, I think Iíve found it and secure enough to know that Iíve got a musical identity that I can branch out into other things and always be able to come back to who I am as a musician. Itís kind of freeing.
Chris Barron

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