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Spectrum Quotes

I like Continuum and Vibrations a lot . I was helped by Delia Derbyshire (electronica pioneer most famous for the Doctor Who theme) on those two and I felt they came out really well. 
Sonic Boom

Spectrum (Australia) Quotes

"Mark really carried us through the first year because people would say 'Wow, look at that drummer, they must be a good group.'"
Mike Rudd

"Mark was the central focus of the band 'cause he was such an outstanding player. He used to play things like drum solos!, but he was very good. By the same token, I was almost relieved to get away from that 'cause the emphasis swung back to the material and the band in general rather than one player."
Mike Rudd

"We had painted ourselves into a corner. We touted Spectrum as a concert band, but the concerts were few and far between. The pub scene was beginning to burgeon and we were looking bankruptcy in the face, so we decided to do something about it. I felt we should divide the material and take the load off ourselves. It was considerably different for us. We used half the gear for a start."
Mike Rudd

"We were a professional amateur band, with the courage of our convictions. We were aggressively original when it just wasn’t fashionable to be like that. We were totally immersed in what we were doing."
Mike Rudd

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