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Something for Kate Quotes

"All of the songs we do I think have to have... a substance I guess is the best way to describe it, but to me, a song has to do something more than just entertain people, it's got to be something honest, about yourself or something you're into. I always hope people can find something like that in our music."
Paul Dempsey

With the lyrics that is Paul's field. We never say "you can't" or "you shouldn't". He just brings them there and we get something out of it. It was just something humorous to do. With Paul's lyrics a lot of people think they are all sad songs but there is quite a lot of humour going on in certain lines that people don't pick up on because he is singing it with a high brow. They are genuinely positive songs, not negative like people think. You take from what you get from it. We never talk about what he writes. That is his thing.
Clint Hyndman 

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